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2Are you looking for trans-portation? Here you will find the best options at your dis-posalDELIVERY, BUS OR TAXI SERVICEAre you going to the beach? Here you will find informa-tion that will be useful to you to enjoy it better.TIDE CHARTSCONTENTWelcome to Dominical.............................................................. 18Welcome to Ojochal................................................................. 48Presentation .......................................................................................................... 5A lifestyle of sewing and surfing, life changes!- Allison Bruns ..................................... 6Chirripo Valley - Luis Navarro ............................................................................ 10Never shake hands with a sloth - Jack Ewing ......................................................... 12 Costa Rica a diverse country - Lina Marisa Howitz ................................................... 14Costa Ballena Welcomes You! ............................................................................. 16KIA ORA - Karolina Magdalena .......................................................................... 19How to heal your heart-body-mind - Karolina Magdalena.................................... 20Guardias of the Osa - Brand Dean.................................................................... 22A successful local media - Carlos Leon................................................................... 24Welcome to Uvita..................................................................... 28Where to eat.......................................................................................................... 32Costa Rica investing in paradise - Byron Segura.................................................. 34Children are the future of environmental resposibility today!!!-Brand Dean .............. 36Whale Medicine - Daily Om.................................................................................. 38Price Automotive Group now in Uvita!!! - Dagmar Reinhard................................... 44Magdalena Cascante: A local example of women´s enterpreneurship-Carlos Leon... 46Lost in Paradise - Marie Kasseroler ......................................................................... 48The Terraba-Sierpe mangroves, the nurseries of the sea - Jeane Brenan .................. 49Breaking the cycle of poverty - FSCO............................................................... 50An unforgettable tour to Caño Island - Tina Howits............................................... 54Microclimates in Costa Rica - Alexandra Luty ........................................................ 56How to lose a customer - Arch.Jose Guillen........................................................... 40Destiny - Japhet Jones............................................................................................ 30Soul Regression....................................................................................................... 8

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5Welcome to Costa Ballena, where the jungle meets the ocean; you can enjoy different landscapes in every valley with views over the sea, the extensive river mouths, or the mountains. You can spend your day snorkeling, diving, hiking, biking, bathing in the sea, or basking in the sun. You can choose a lot of variety tours. You sure will find the activi-ty to your liking! The canopy at Hacienda Baru is extraordi-nary; this place exemplifies how human initiative has resto-red nature from cattle grassland to jungle forest. Visit the towns along the highway, Domincal by the majestic Barú River, a surfer town with the best waves all year long, Uvita, where you can find all services and supplies for your stay. Uvita-Bahía is the access to the Marino Ballena Natio-nal Park, home of the famous whale´s tail. Over the centu-ries, the force of two river mouths, the River Morete and the Uvita River formed this tail formation.Two different migrations of whales from the South Pole and the other from the North Pole arrive here with their calves. From January to March and July to September, many visitors take their whale tours to observe the gentle giants from near. On your way to Ojochal, a French Canadian enclave where you will find many inhabitants who speak French, you can visit Plaza Ventanas. In Ojochal, you have an incredible offer by the high cuisine French restaurants: People travel from all over the world to indulge their well-developed pala-tes. From the heights of Ojochal, you can overlook Isla Garza, at the tumultuous basin, where the Terraba, Balsar, and Tortuga rivers converge.To conclude, the paradise of Costa Ballena attracts more people every day who flee the daily life of big cities to settle in this beautiful place. We must protect it to continue enjo-ying the positive energy provided by the forest and the ocean.Dear reader, if you visit us or are already part of the commu-nity, contribute your grain of sand to protect our forest, flora, fauna, rivers, and beaches from contamination.Enjoy your stay; the hospitable people of Costa Ballena make you feel very welcome. Pura Vida!PRESENTATIONEditorial TeamCarlos LeonEditorEGNPOINTING MARKET Alexandra Luty Allison BrunsBayron SeguraBrad Dean Carlos LeonDaily OmFSCOJack EwingJeane BrennanJose GuillenKarolina MagdalenaLuis NavarroMarie Kasseroler Tina Marisa HowitzCONECATBrad Dean Divine NatureR OggioniGNAre you looking for trans-portation? Here you will find the best options at your dis-posalDELIVERY, BUS OR TAXI SERVICEAre you going to the beach? Here you will find informa-tion that will be useful to you to enjoy it better.TIDE CHARTSCONTENTWelcome to Dominical.............................................................. 14Welcome to Ojochal................................................................. 42Presentation .......................................................................................................... 3A lifestyle of sewing and surfing, life changes!- Allison Bruns ..................................... 4Chirripo Valley - Luis Navarro .............................................................................. 6Never shake hands with a sloth - Jack Ewing ........................................................... 8Costa Rica a diverse country - Lina Marisa Howitz ................................................... 10Costa Ballena Welcomes You! ............................................................................. 12KIA ORA - Karolina Magdalena .......................................................................... 15How to heal your heart-body-mind - Karolina Magdalena.................................... 16Guardias of the Osa - Brand Dean.................................................................... 18A successful local media - Carlos Leon................................................................... 20Welcome to Uvita..................................................................... 24Where to eat.......................................................................................................... 26Costa Rica investing in pasadise - Byron Segura.................................................. 28Children are the future of environmental resposibility today!!!-Brand Dean .............. 30Whale Medicine - Daily Om.................................................................................. 32How to lose a customer - Arch.Jose Guillen........................................................... 34Magdalena Cascante: A local example of women´s enterpreneurship-Carlos Leon... 38Lost in Paradise - Marie Kasseroler ......................................................................... 40The Terraba-Sierpe mangroves, the nurseries of the sea - Jeane Brenan .................. 43Breaking the cycle of poverty - FSCO............................................................... 44An unforgettable tour to Caño Island - Tina Howits............................................... 46Microclimates in Costa Rica - Alexandra Luty ........................................................ 48~NTING 1111 A R K E l

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6I spent a few weeks exploring Guatemala, learning about indigenous textiles, exploring Lago de Atitlan, and spending a few days in Antigua. I continued to El Salvador and spent a few months surfing and sewing in a small village. I learned a lot about Salva-doreño’s resilience and was enamored by how welcoming everyone was.Next, I drove through Honduras and entered Northern Nicaragua where I spent almost two months in the water connecting with local and traveling surfers. The community became a family to me and my time with them will stay in my heart always. Since arriving in Costa Rica, especially in Bahía de Ballena, I’ve felt welcomed by everyone I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I’m staying close to the Parque Nacional Marino Ballena, one of the most stunning tropical beaches I’ve visited. Walking along the beach, listening to the wildlife, and looking at the jungle and mountains landscape is breathtaking. Surfing at sunset at Playa Chaman are memories I’ll keep forever. As for local events, El Mercado de Bahía Ballena is perfect for meeting local marketers, listening to their stories, and learning about the history of this area. I was impressed by the beauty of the artists’ pieces and how the flora and fauna inspi-re their work.My journey is ending at this point, and I think it’s extraordinary that Costa Rica was the final destination. I’m looking forward to exploring more of the nearby beaches and waterfalls and learning more about this community.Traveling has been a passion of mine for several years,allowing me to go outside my comfort zones and connect with people while learning about their cultures. When pandemic restrictions in the U.S. were enacted, I used that time to reevaluate my priorities and started researching the drive into Mexico and possibly going further south with no desti-nation in mind.I implemented several changes, including buying a 4X4 truck and building it out to live in, exploring the Pacific Northwest for several months, and camping solo in the wilderness for days at a time while working on sewing projects. These experiences changed my mind set about what possessions and philosophies I was holding on to. Letting go of most of these was difficult, but it helped me focus on starting this journey.In May 2022, I packed up my truck and drove south from Oregon and into Baja California. I spent the summer living in Baja Sur, learning how to surf and creating cool pieces. A few people commissioned some work, and I sold a few items, allowing me to consider a lifestyle of sewing and surfing realistically. Leaving Baja, I took a ferry to mainland Mexico. I lived in Sayulita for about a month, where I could source damaged outdoor gear from locals and started making pieces that were functio-nal for tropical climates. From there I drove the Pacific Coast of Mexico, visiting surf spots and meeting people who shared their stories about driving throughout Central America.As I drove into Guatemala, the reality of entering the CA4 is a moment I’ll cherish for a long time. I embraced being uncomfortable and exceeded my expectations, I had never been so proud of myself.A LIFESTYLE OF SEWING AND SURFING, LIFE CHANGES!

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With its beautiful nature and Pura Vidaphilosophy, it is no surprise that Costa Rica has become an international destination for everything related to well-being, personal development, holistic care, and spirituality. It is with pleasure that today we present to you, our readers, a well-being modality at the cutting edge of consciousness development in a particular soul regression approach—a modality offered here in Costa Rica by two practitioners: Jean-Simon Yelle and Anne-Marie Simard-Tremblay. Based on the research and life work of Pierre Dubuc, who developed several personal development programs over more than forty-four years, this approach is accessible to all, structured, transparent, efficient, and precise. When we begin a session, we feel welcomed with great acceptance. From the start of the session, we are supported to define our intentions regarding our life experiences in a felt way. What do we no longer want? What do we want to free ourselves from? And even more importantly, what do we want more of, even if we still need to see how? Less anxiety? Less stress? Fewer conflicts? Less guilt? Fear? Sadness? Fewer frustrations? Blockages? More ease in our physical body, in our emotional aspect? Better interpersonal relationships in general or with a loved one? A better feeling of accomplishment in general, at work, in friendships, in love? Or simply a better overall understanding of who we are in order to live our lives deliberately as we Through this work in Soul Regression, we obtain practical and stable results on the intentions that we have defined for ourselves. Once this aspect of intention is clarified, the rest unfolds smoothly and pleasantly during the session. Each meeting lasts between two hours to two and a half hours.We have collected some testimonials from customers who have benefited from the positive effects of this specific approach:"I only have one session left to complete the program of twelve meetings. It has helped me so much in all aspects of my life when it was tough that I am now wondering if I am undertaking training as a practitioner of this specific approach to, in turn, give back to the following. Although my life was completely falling apart not three years ago, I can now say with pride and joy that I would not trade my life with anyone! This program has supported me in creating this life that I love."You can contact Jean-Simon and Anne-Marie through their website at, by email at, or by WhatsApp at +1-514-707-6588 or +1-438-500-4711.Soul Regression, Choosing well-being through consciousness8

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10From the imposing blue mountainsand the crystal clear waters that sur round them, the Chirripó Valley offers residents and visitors of the area an experience full of peace, tranquility, beautiful views and a direct connection with nature. Just ten kilometers from the center of San Isidro, Pérez Zeledón, the Rivas district is geographically divided into three sectors: Buena Vista, Central and Chirripó sectors, the latter formed by the communities of San Gerardo, Canaán, Chimirol, Herradura, Los Angeles, Guadalupe, San Francisco, Talari, San José and Monterrey.The area has been characterized as a route of handmade products, made by enterprising and struggling people, for this reason, that many differen tattractions for children and adults are offered.Taking a walk through this place not only recharges you with good energy and happiness, but it is also a gift for the soul to appreciate such beautiful views. The diversity in attractions is fascinatingYou can enjoy from the newly opened Butterfly Kingdom, fresh trout, hot springs, Swiss cheeses, chocolate factory, to delicious artisan bread. Restaurants offer unique cuisine, hotels, trails and bird watching. Of course, without neglec-ting the main attraction of the area, the famous Chirripó Hill.With 3820 meters high, this is the highest and most beautiful mountain in Costa Rica. Flora and fauna embrace it every kilometer. It is a place to find oneself and demons tratemental and physical strength. It is aconstant challenge while taking stepafter step to reach the maximum height and an un believable experience. Words are not enough to describe so much beauty and experimentation is the only way to explain it.For this and many other reasons ,the Chirripó Valley should be an almost obligatory visit for all Costa Ricans and foreigners who visit the country attracted by the biodiversity and tranquility of the mountains.THE CHIRRIPO VALLEYAUTHOR: Luis Navarro

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12Everybody who visits Hacienda Barú wants to see asloth and their first sighting is always an unforgettable experience. Mine was probably more unforgettable than most. “Don Jack, don Jack come, look”. Adolfo wasstan-ding beside a fallen cecropia tree. I walked over, and there it was, arms wrapped around the trunk, my first sloth.I thought my first monkey sighting was exciting, but thiswas phenomenal. It reached out toward me in slow motionand opened its three-clawed hand. Innocently I stuck myindex finger in the hand and in slow motion, it began closing.“How cool. It wants to squeeze my finger. What a friendly gesture”. Ever so slowly but steadily, the long-clawed fingers kept closing. The grasp became tighter and tighter. I remember thinking it was becoming less of a friendly squeeze and more like the jaws of a vice clamping downon my finger. Removing my finger was no longer possible. A bolt of fear shot through my body. “It’s going to crush my finger completely, bone and all.” I didn’t know whether to pull as hard as possible, beat the sloth with my other fist, or remain calm. I was on the verge of panic when thestrong hand stopped squeezing and leisurely relaxed its grip. Two seconds later, the fear left me and my finger came in a flash.Adolfo laughed. “If you want to touch it, you gotta grab it from behind. Stay clear of its hands”. We released it in the forest on a tree that Adolfo assured me was one that sloths like.That occurrence occurred in the early 1970s and I’veseen a lot of sloths since then. Beginning in the mid 1990s, I guided a tour at Hacienda Barú, where we took people into the rainforest canopy by climbing ropes using rock equipment and techniques. In addition to the thrill, the timewas notable for seeing sloths in their element, often upclose.One day a female three-toed sloth appeared in a neighboring tree on a branch that almost touched theropes we were climbing. The visitors were delightedand took loads of photos. The next day she was stillthere, but even closer than the day before and hanging face up with a tiny baby lying on her belly. It must have been born the night before.I became infatuated with the maternal care of sloth babies and read everything I could find. A couple of weeks later, I was climbing the tree by my self to inspect the rope attachments. I could see the mother from below and was delighted that I would pass within arm’s length of her. Arriving at her level, Icould see that she was eating, chewing on leaves tot he point that a green foam was forming at the edge of her mouth, and the baby was busy licking it up asfast as it oozed from between her lips. I was overwhelmed. I had just read about this the night before. Like all mammal babies, the sloth nurses its mother’s milk beginning almost immediately after birth. After a few weeks, it moves on to the next stage, which I watched, lapping up the green foam. Later it would eat partially chewed leaves, thenyoung tender leaves, and eventually a variety offoliage like mom.When the juvenile is about six months old, the mother abandons it in the area where it has been raised and with which it is familiar. This is not as easy as it sounds because the young one will probably try to follow. Mom is faster and more agile and can get away and into a different territory unfamiliar to the youngster, but both usually get a good workout before the kid gives up and turns back. I am still fascinated with sloths 45 years after that first andonly handshake, or should I say, “finger shake.”NEVER SHAKE HANDS WITH A SLOTHAUTHOR: Jack Ewing

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14After two days, we went on to La Fortuna. Already from far away, we could see the imposing volcano. We spent two days there as well. We did a volcano hike and bathed in the river at "El Salto", which I can suggest if you are searching for some adrenaline.After two days, we went on to Monteverde. Even though nature is very similar to La Fortuna, I gained new impressions here. In Monteverde, I looked forward to the ziplining tour and the hanging bridges and was not disappointed. Seeing nature differently is a must when in La Fortuna and Monteverde. We also visited a coffee, sugar cane, and cacao plantation. These only made me appreciate my coffee in the morning even more.After all the days with so many new impressions, I was glad when it went for us and then again to Uvita. Already the way in the car felt like a trip back home. It was nice to show my family my second home now. Here we just relaxed. We spent quiet and relaxing days at the river, waterfall, and the area's beautiful beaches.Now my parents are on their way back to Germany.I will now spend about ten days in my second home, Uvita, before it is time for me to go back to Germany!I traveled through Costa Rica for two weeks andgained new impressions. After being in Uvita for over two months, I thought I had already gotten to know the country and the people. But now that I have seen more of Costa Rica, I realize how versatile this country is.The opportunity for the trip came about because my parents wanted to visit me now after several months in Costa Rica. We plan-ned the trip only a few weeks before they came, but it was one of my best experiences in this country.I started the trip at noon with the bus ride to San José, where I met my parents in the evening at the hotel. The reunion after a long time was beautiful. The following day, we took our rental car to Cahuita, close to the southern end of the Caribbean coast. There we spent three days. The atmosphere was beautiful. It felt different from the atmosphere in Uvita. There is something extraordinary about seeing the two southern ends of Costa Rica. Both are very special in their way!On Saturday, we continued to Tortuguero. Already the boat ride to our lodge was brea-thtaking. The rivers, the plants, and the animals found in them. Simply indescribable. In Tortuguero, we did a canal tour and a hike on an inactive volcano.The view from the top was indescribable. The many small and large channels and the many green plants in between are an exceptional picture.I especially remember the crocodiles that were right next to our boat.COSTA RICA: A DIVERSE COUNTRYAUTHOR: Tina Marisa Howitz

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11100% recyclable heavy-duty tropical roofing material with a 20-years decreasing warranty*. Certified ISO 9001Techos Tropicales Palmex - Tel. (506) - www.palmex-costarica.comCentro de visitantes Parque Nacional Tortuguero, Arq. Ibo Bonilla, Constructora REYCOSSiinnccee 22000066 iinn CCoossttaa RRiiccaa * Conditions apply.

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16 If you do not like getting sandy, youcan participate in other activities, such as going sportfishing or giving yourself a surge of adrenalin with tree climbing adventures. And suppose it is the salty seawater you are trying to avoid. In that case, you can swim in one of the numerous rivers and discover the magnificent waterfalls that nature created in this paradise. But where to stay in the green paradise called Costa Ballena during your vacation?There are hundreds of possibilities, and you must decide whether you prefer a cozy place near the ocean or in the mountains with a magnificent view of the sea. Whether you go for a high end place to calm down and relax or a hostel for young people, there are plenty of lodging options at the Costa Ballena.After all these beautiful experiences, you may have a ravenous appetite in one of the international restaurants or others specialized in local food, sodas, and bars the coast offers. No matter where you are, you will find unique places to eat. The food choices are out standing and they are delicious.COSTA BALLENADominical is famous for its laidback puravida ambiance and best surfing conditions friendly locals,a one strip main road leading to the town´s beach promenade. Best surf, lifeguards, bars, and hostels near the beach and the everchanging mouth of the majestic Barú River.Uvita, only 17 km toward the South, is the capital of Costa Ballena; all facilities are in two town centers, one North and the other South of the bridge. Here is possible to enjoy the farmers' market, waterfalls, beaches, and the Marino Ballena National Park where is the world-famous whale tail.Ojochal: International high-cuisine. Crossing the bridge, find a chic French style Marketplace with the notable Citrus Restaurant. The main road is long-stretched, leading to the town center and the mountains with rivers and a waterfall. Visit Tortuga Beach, where three mighty rivers enter the ocean.COSTA BALLENACosta Ballena, translated means whale coast in the Spanish language, is a 35 km stretch of coastline; it is a friendly, beautiful, engaging, and tasty part of the South Pacific of Costa Rica that welcomes domestic and international visitors crossing the entrance to Costa Ballena: The Barú River´s bridge at Dominical. The principal towns are Dominical, Uvita, Ojochal and Coronado. All of them are entirely different in their appearance.There are three significant towns: Dominical to the north, the chilled surf spot and nightlife going on, Ojochal to the south, the culinary hotspot in Costa Ballena, where many foreigners, especially French Canadiens, found their retirement paradise and wonderful Uvita in between, where numerous shops, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, banks and Farmer’s markets can be found.Regarding snorkeling or diving tours, you can watch marine life, like dolphins and turtles, their ancestral behavior, and their (still) natural habitat. The Ballena National Park is just a tiny but essential part of this natural paradise called Costa Ballena. You will be amazed by the long stretched beaches, all very different from each other.~ ~

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18Situated beachfront, hugging the south bankof the Baru River, Dominical is the gateway to Osa, Costa Rica’s southern pacific. As you head south, Dominical is the first town in the Canton of Osa. Although only separated by the river from the northern district of Aguirre, the feeling of the town is somehow verydifferent. Crossing the bridge over the Baru opens a portal to an alternate universe of fun and excitement. Dominical is excellent in the people who live there. Is it hard to go down the main street without seeing at least one friend waving to many strangers who often smile and wave back?Until 2009, pavement did not connect Dominical to Quepos and the rest of central Costa Rica. Bumpy dirt roads and river crossings kept the travelers from reaching Dominical. Those that braved the trip found a lively little beach town with an irresistible charm. The people who moved to Dominical then were like minded andadventurous, seeking an unspoiled tropical beach. Now Dominical is connected for all to enjoy. It’s no longer a secret, yet the town remains cohesive with its local comradery and small town atmosphere. Unlike many coastal towns, you can walk to every business within minutes. You can find everything you need or don’t need within a few blocks.The bohemian vibes of artists and musicians continue to bring character.Long-time resident expats and local ticos laugh and tell stories reminiscing thetown’s history and sharing good times. Weekly farmer’s markets showcase the best in local foods, handmade clothes, crafts, tinctures, and tapestry.Appreciation for the artisan has given inspiration to a broad range of restaurants, coffee shops, and a local craft brewery.Surfing continues to bring attention to Dominical. The heavy waves breed dedicated surfers and National Team level athletes. “Sunset Sessions,” a local Saturday afternoon surf event, is open for all to participate in and enjoy. DJs set the mood for locals and tourists to watch the surfers compete as the sun melts into the sea. Yoga and massage centers help counterbalance the many activities bringing tranquillity to liveliness. Within a short walk, you can cool off in nearby swimming holes, find shade in the jungle, or spend your day on the beach. Surfing, kayaking, fishing, soccer, yoga, fitness, and other recreation versions are all at your fingertips. The ocean is warm, the river is excellent and life on a tropical beach cannot improve.There are very few tropical destinations with waves as consistent as Dominical. With a healthy environment to back it, a good com-munity, and all the amenities you need within a short walk, Dominical will continue to showcase itself as a surf destination with a high quality of living.Whether you’re here for the surf, the sun, adventure, or relaxation, Dominical offers each visitor the option to choose their path. For a small town, Dominical provides a lot of variety; however, the proud residents and locals make Playa Dominical unique.DOMINICAL

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17´Kia Ora’ is a traditional M˜ ori phrase from NewZealand commonly used as a greeting or general expression of appreciation, wishing the essence of life upon someone.Since I moved to Dominicalito, I have been learning about Pura Vida life from the Tico community. Besides the kindest people, this inconspicuous little town holds space for gems that connect with pure living. Across from the Dominicalito beach entran-ce, a sign with “Kia Ora” surprises me. I follow the signs up past the football pitch and walk into the building doors, where a serene jungle oasis unfolds in front of me. The smell of fresh coffee and breakfast being cooked makes me turn and admire the extensive mural reading “Kunjani Cafe.” Nicola, the owner, welcomes me with a warm smile and explains that “Kunjani” is a greeting from her home in Africa. A greeting full of love and shine.My neighbor, Nicola, wants to show me around. I’m walking through her biggest dream—a space where her family, community and guests find harmony while being nurtured by nature andpeace. She has created something extraordinary with her family—beautiful rental apartments, a jungle yoga & community Shala, a heart-warming and delicious Kunjani Cafe, and out of sight, two luxury properties for conferences and retreats. Every corner has the irresistible vibration of a paradise home.“Beautiful necklace. I love whales,” Nicola compliments me and invites me to look around more. I smile while walking away because whales symbolize family and community, which Nicola passionately creates for everyone around her .After living in India, yoga has a special place in my heart. I walk into the Shala just as a yoga teacher with a colorful cap is preparing and welcoming his class. People are hugging, chatting and stretching. Two little dogs are sleeping on the side, undisturbed by playful monkey sounds. There’s no music, walls, mirrors—only wild jungle and river, pure being. Everybody seems to be in nature with each other and for themselves—the most exquisite sense of belonging humans can have.When heading back, I find Nicola drinking her coffee at Kunjani Cafe. “Thank you for sharing your home,” I intend to say goodbye. “Nobody leaves this place hungry, my darling. Our chef, Douglas, will cook for you,” is her response. I’m amazed by the family feeling she created so quickly in my heart. After a moment, a vibrant green salad with avocados, strawberries and black sesame seeds appears in front of me. “What a journey!” I think and say, “Kia Ora. Pura Vida. Thank you!” Those words from different parts of the world have the same meaning: a deep gratitude for being where your feet are, living and receiving.Visit the Kia Ora family and discover your essence of life!Kunjani Cafe is open Tuesday to Sunday from 8:00 – 16:00. The Shala offers daily 9:00 am yoga, as well as weekly fitness & Pilates.Author: Karolina Magdalenadiscovering the essence of lifediscovering the essence of lifethe Sha la 19

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20The beauty of Costa Ballena makes it astunning place to visit or live. The surrounding ocean, rivers, waterfalls, even trees and the sounds of animals offer a dream like place to be and a powerful opportunity to rest and heal. Even if such a blessing should make us constantly happy, sometimes we feel tired, stuck, or lost. It is entirely human to feel that way, even in paradise.When times are hard, turning to nature is the best medicine you can get. Whether asking the ocean to wash off your sadness, touching a tree to give away your negativity, or watching a bird to ease your thoughts allow them to reconnect you with your heart. What also helps is your gratitude. Appreciate the gifts of nature in the form of nutritious food and outdoor space to move freely. Be mindful. Observe the colors and sounds around you, breathe deeply, and acknowledge that even such beauty is only temporary, and so is your sadness or worry.If those simple things still don’t lift your heart and youmiss some answers, seek guidance and more profound healing. While there are many healing paths, I encourage you to stay close to nature. After years of working as a natural healer and moving my sessions from an office to outdoor spaces and my simple beach hut, I can confirm that nature not miracles changes people's bodies and lives.Combining healing techniques such as Reiki (channeling energy into your body through healer’s hands) allows creating of a gentle and, at the same time, powerful tool to facilitate relaxation, initiate body regeneration, remove heavy emotions, and bring physical as well as mental balance back. I enriched my Reiki sessions with nature inspired meditations, organic essential oils, and stones to further strengthen that combination. You can enjoy them on a massage bed at my secluded hut or under trees away from the streets and rush.Also, my tarot readings are accompanied by fresh local fruits, herbal tea, and beautiful trees to create the most favorable space for transforming someone’s life. It is one of the most peaceful ways to ease your mind. In this case, nature fuels my intuition to guide you towards embracing your past, understanding the present, and creating a future fully aligned with your heart.Wherever you are, slow down for a moment. Don’t be indifferent towards nature around you and how you feel right now. Have you noticed? You’re never alone. Smile. And whenever you need me, I invite you to reach (+506 7245 5361) out.Author: Karolina MagdalenaH O W T O H E A L Y O U R H E A R T - B O D Y - M I N D

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17+ 506 8872 7591 2787 0446Happy to assist you, you can reach out to us at:We put our Personalized Expertise at your Service.Experts in Real Estate Transactions•Licda. Rosario Araya A., Notary and Attorney•Licda. Didania Montero A., Notary and Attorney•Licda. Kimberly Duarte C., Attorney•Licda. Lindsay Ryan V., PhD., on-call for high-quality environmental jobs•Tim Woodruff, Attorney in California & Florida, Client Liaison•Andrea Sequeira D., Legal Assistant.P a c i f i c c o a s t L a wTEL:88738123/simbiotik15@gmail.comMASSAGES MINI FACIALS BODY SCRUBS & WRAPSPHYSIOTHERAPY PATIENT ASSITANTAs a Licensed Physical Therapist, when it comes tobodyworks you can be sure that high quality, knowledgeand intuitive service will be given to you and yours.Services available for individuals, couples, large groups orretreatsPACIFIC COAST LAW rva-engineering & construction ING. ROGER VALVERDE A. SERVICIOS PROFESIONALES EN INGENIERIA CIVIL Y CONSTRUCCION BUILDING PERMITS PLANS CONSTRUCTION e +(506) 8830 2883 G 0 RVA Engineer Roger Valverde Uvita, South Pacific Costa Rica WWW.RVACONSTRUCTIONCR.COM (9 BEYOND SKIN & BONES THERAPEUTIC BODYWORKS

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22 AUTHOR/PHOTO: Brad DeanWe are all defenders, protectors, andtemporary keepers of this sacred land we call home, whether we know it or not. And with that tremendous responsibility, it’s important to understand what that means in our everyday lives.For those of us who have been gifted the stewardship of this land as a birthright, and for those of us who are guests here, BahÍa Ballena stands at the gateway to one of the most beautiful and biodiverse areas in the world. It is a region that has a profound affect on the ecological balance in the world and it calls for our protection. Ever present challenges threaten its existence and delicate balance, and it’s up to us to recognize these challenges and do what we can to support those in our community who have made a deep and lasting commitment to protecting this great asset to our overall health and lasting existence as a planet.One of those great challenges we face is the unchecked and rapid pace of urban sprawl that is actively taking over the area. In this historic time we can easily see the effects that irresponsible development has already had on our communities. Nationals are being priced out of their long held neighborhoods and we, as a community, are quickly losing the very spirit of the culture that attracted us to this region. Now we can’t all be expected to know everything that’s happening in the area and have the time and ability to push back against irresponsible development.Thankfully there is a growing swath of hard working,dedicated,and highly or ganized guardians who are already active in their pursuit of protecting the limited resources we have available in this critically important area of the world, and all they need is a little support from our community in order to help them continue on their path toward reclaiming the healthy future of this precious region, and subsequently the overall health and well being of our delicate planet.It is said that we must all fear evil people, but there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good people. There are a tremendous number of thoughtful, kind, and “good” people in our community. This is a call to all of these people to denounce indifference and become more engaged with the beautiful Guardians that so desperately need our support.Where do we find these wonderful Osa Guardians? They’re all around us. Check out the local message boards, ask a friend, attend a community gathering and introduce yourself to the people who are leading the charge. Even if all you have to give in the moment is a pat on their back and a positive word, these are the things that help keep their spirits and momentum moving forward. I can tell you with complete confidence that any kind words of encouragement and support will be received with open arms.

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21Vegan Ice CreamVegan Ice CreamReal All-Natural High Quality Product made with Local Organic Ingredients & Homemade Artesanal Coconut MilkGluten Free • Lactose Free • Soy Lecithin Free • Xanthan Gum Free Real All-Natural High Quality Product made with Local Organic Ingredients & Homemade Artesanal Coconut MilkGluten Free • Lactose Free • Soy Lecithin Free • Xanthan Gum FreeElElContact Grace Lopez for Wholesale: +506 8507 1927Contact Grace Lopez for Wholesale: +506 8507 1927Made with Love by a Native WomanVanilla • Choco Coco • Cappuccino • Strawberry Vanilla • Ginger • Choco SpicyGreen Magic • Vanilla Choco Chips • Passionfruit • Lemon Bliss We Don’t Take, We Give BackVista Blue $295,000 | Hills of Portalón5000 m2 ocean view property bordering nature preserve ready to build with two plantels. Casa Paraíso $675,000 | DominicalModern 5 bedroom riverfront home with tropical gardens, pool &jacuzzi walking distance to the surf.Villa Luna$275,000 |Dominicalito BayFull 3bed/2bath home + studio in Dominicalito Bay. 5 mins walkto the beach. Bitcoin accepted. www.spicyliferealestate.comThe First & Only Real Estate With Purpose to Build CommunityJackie Frechette(+506) 8948-4657jackie@spicyliferealestate.comAdrian Quesada(+506) 8628-7149adrian@spicyliferealestate.comPepe Lopez(+506) 8444-4806pepe@spicyliferealestate.comBlack Bamboo Sanctuary$1 Million | Dominicalito BayUNDERCONTRACT500 m2 Beach Lot $75,000 | Playa MatapaloReady to build, walk to the beach lot with legal water & electricity.10 Acre Premium Ocean View Sanctuary. Luis Carlos(+506) 8617-1567luis@spicyliferealestate.comPremium Properties With Legal Water & ElectricitySubscribe on YouTube: Spicy Life Global TV |

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24"We like to innovate" is our motto. To achieve results, weimprove the beauty of the graphic design and content of the magazine in each edition. We also strengthen our robust web plat-form that accompanies and multiplies the presence of advertisers' brands.One innovation was to incorporate a web link in the online magazine ads. In this edition, we inno-vate by presenting individual maps for Dominical, Uvita, and Ojochal. Please send us your observa-tions and comments. In the network of networks, we have achieved a prominent position in the South Pacific of Costa Rica, even above tourism companies nationwide.Previous Alexa indicators positioned us globally in position 515,923 and being the 763 websites among hundreds of thousands of sites in Costa Rica, that was a reason for real pride. This also provides excellent quality backlinks to the websites of the companies that advertise with us. We are a green, positive, enjoyable, focused (our audience is the South Pacific of Costa Rica) and comprehensive media.Select brands are present at Ballena Tales. CONTACT US and we will gladly make an advertising proposal tailored to your needs!Marketing management is increasinglycomplex and technological, imposing innovative and creative strategies.At Ballena Tales, we enjoy talking to our advertisers, writters, and readers to hear their comments. It's nice to hear that magazines disappear from the distribution posts with every new print release.A digital edition is published bimonthly, prepared with the professional input of a dedicated team of communicators, designers, webmasters and experts in digital marketing.The printed magazine is a local advertising medium focused exclusively on the South Pacific of Costa Rica and reached more than 5,340 readers. Online editions got the whole world, showing more than 70,000 globally accumulated views. Our target audience is potential national and foreign visitors, people who live in our destination, even passing through, and investors.According to Google Analytics regarding our online audience, 68% are between the ages of 25 and 54, with the age group 25 to 34 standing out with 55% of the total. Women represent 60.6% of the total. And the English langua-ge is the one that predominates. Among the market positions (in Market segments) are travel, food, adventure, travel tips to Costa Rica, real estate, vehicles, transportation, and professional serviceses.A SUCCESSFUL LOCAL MEDIAAUTHOR: Carlos Leono=. ■ Per'for'T'r"l;ance on Search re$ults Qi lvtallXMI RI llll.lf1mprwa1111111 r,::J,.-.,.a,aeCIPI 33.5K 1.74M 1.9% 15.5 I'll (; (!) 111"22 Jtrnm l/ZL':J Ul,,!2l INTING A R K E I ::! EXf'ORf I

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23FINE HOME FURNISHINGSRattan • WickeR • Lamps • chaiRs • sofas • BaRs • BaR stooLs • piLLoWs cLocks • BaBy items • hutches • tRunks • fLoRaL • LeatheR • ÉtagèRes meLamine DinneRWaRe • chiLDRen’s pLush • pictuRe fRames • Beach DecoR • RugsRECHERCHÉ is located on the Costanera, just 4 kilometers South of Downtown Ojochal, before the One Lane bridge in Coronado.+ 506 2102 jerry@puravidaimports.comUnique Furniture& Home DécorExceptional QualityStunning ArtRECHERCHÉRECHERCHÉ

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Tinamast ~ nillo SAN PEF Torito River Cascada -San DiamantE Hermosa Beach ( com unity)

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22Oceano Pacffico IOSE :e D ~EZ ZELEDON OCascada San Luis ... 0 ..... -..... . . .--' ... -.. -: ... . . 0 Birding 0 information 0 Waterfalls -School -r-0 Hikes Ml Soccer Field !!I (!)surf e Church B SUP (Stand Up Paddle) e Police t O Park Entrance e Kayaking ~ Grocery Store ~ 0 Gas Station ~Dive .. €J> Cash Machine ~ Snorkeling ~ ATVTours 0 Local Market 0 Horseback Riding Roads ta = Highway 4'.~ Lookout -Paved road (j) Camping -Gravel road -Dirt .•••. Dirt road only 4x4 . --. --PUNTA~ENAS Scan the QR code and get Access to [!I~~ more information and G Map Locations ~ Lodging [!I I.Hacienda Boru 2787 0003 -------4.Cuna del Angel 8540 4307 9.Cristal Ballena 8390 6863 RESTAURANTS 4.La Palapa (Hotel Cuna del Angel) 8540 4307 14.Nfusion Bistro ________ 8448 3352 20.Kunjani Cafe ________ 8319 599 l 15.La Colonia ________ 8301 4822 18.Le French Cafe _______ 2201 8253 21.Villa Leonor ________ 2786 5380 9.Pura Vida (Cristal Ballena) ___ 8390 6863 30.Ballena Bistro _______ 2786 5407 13.Citrus __________ 2786 5175 24.Castillo ' s Kitchen ______ 8542 3232 8.Pancito Cafe 2786 5774 --------Activities l .Hacienda Boru 2787 0003 -------10.Enjoy Osa 8946 7134 7.The Shala 8748 6978 Services l 6Access Paradise 8916 1880 -------33.MoodDeporte 6104 5281 10.Ballena Tales 8914 1568 10.Enjoy Osa 8946 7134 10. Pointing Market 8946 7134 16. Price Auto Sales 8916 180 6. Pacific Coast Law 8434 759 2. Bahia Ballena Doctors 8833 6431 1 7. Uvita Urgent Care 8732 5555 22.Sunset Body Works 8905 4021 17. Uvita Lab 8373 6666 19. Law Frim Uvita 2743 8416 23. We Sell Paradise/ REMAX 8723 0795 29.lglesia La Costa 8322 3815 25.Tecno Soluciones H 8492 9067 26.EI 841 l 8807 27. Osa Tropical Properties 2786 5500 28.Ballena Legal Team 4350 1050 3. Beyond Skin & Bones 8873 8123 5. Spicy Life 8444 4806 l l . Recherche 21 02 9069 12.Artesano 8840 5711 31. Logistic Uvita 8603 4299 32.FSCO 8409 2496 Magic Hands 6312 0615 Nursing Care Services 8500 9583

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28Uvita is developing by leaps and bounds inCosta Ballena, South Pacific, Costa Rica. This multicultural community has become a substantial commercial and business center amid the most beautiful scenery. You will find unique tours, sophisticated gourmet restaurants and cozy eateries with typical food, hotels with all facilities, cabins and ecolodges with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, as well as banks, supermarkets, hardware stores, pharmacies, car repair shops, information centers, beauty salons and real estate offices.Once you settle at your place of choice, what are you planning on doing with so much sunshine and tropical beauty? We suggest you explore!Visit Marino Ballena National Park. The famous Whale’s Tail is located at Punta Uvita, with a length of about 2296 feet and a width of 820 feet; it is the world’s third, largest sand-bank. During the low tide, you can walk to its very end.Foreign tourists pay a $6 entrance fee to the park, and national visitors pay $2 (no cash accepted). Please save your receipt because you can use it the same day to visit the Colonia and Ballena beaches further south.Take a four-hour kayaking tour in the national park; you can paddle, swim, and snorkel along the coral reef, walk on the whal´s tail and enter the mysterious world of the mangroves in Bahía.You can experience all the different ecosystems this unique marine park offers in one perfect tour.Excellent surfing beaches are Hermosa,-Cha-mán, and Ventanas. A surfer said: “Once you have surfed Playa Chamán, you will never be able to leave Uvita.” That is what happened to him and so many others. On Wednesday and Saturday mornings, visit the Farmers’ Market, where the locals meet. If you are an avid reader, visit the UCL, the second hand book library next to the Tracopa busstop.In Uvita´s stores, you can buy everything you need. There are restaurants for all tastes and hotels for any budget. There are also fitness centers, a post office, doctors, pharmacies, apolice station, and beauty salons.Adventuring a few kilometers up to the mountains on dirt roads, you will find river-sand waterfalls cascading from the heights into small pools. The rainforest full of squawking, chirping,and buzzing of cicadas merges with the bubbling sound of streaming water whilea bright blue morpho butterfly bounces with dazzling iridescent wings.Hummingbirds hover over heliconia flowes, rays of sunlight pierce through the forest canopy, and the vines turn upwards to find the light. From afar, you can hear the hoarse screams of Howler monkeys and the late day chatter of the green parrots making their way home.There are no traffic jams in the town center,just the Pura Vida life style! You have arrived at the biggest town of Costa Ballena: Welcome to Uvita!UVITA

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I remember that some time ago, when I was working in San José, a colleague of mine told me about a beautiful place he visited in the south of the country. He even mentioned that he had the opportunity to see whales, the majestic sea giants. As he spoke, my heart yearned to know that place of a dream he described with nature so green and colors so intense. I still wonder how a stroke of luck brought me to work on this paradisiacal coast where the sky meets the sea.YOUR WELL-BEING IS MY AIM:As a Health Care Therapist with ten years of experience working in Bahia Ballena, Baru, and Quepos areas, when potential clients contact me, the first thing I do is inquire about their needs and expectations. I ask if the request is just for a relaxation massage, therapeutic, or if any underlying medical issue needs to be addressed.BEYOND SKIN & BONES THERAPEUTIC BODY WORKSAnd that is when the magic starts: I prepare my body, mind, and all l need for the special expected moment, and it is genuinely remarkable for me the responsibility and trust that lies in my hand because when a client undresses, they bare more than just their body and expect nothing less than respect, experience, and knowledge.In my particular case, and since bodies talk, specifically with massage therapy, before starting, I will move around the table, waiting to connect and receive what part of my client's body needs more attention or what the soul is communicating.This intuitive massage process, which I have developed during the long years of my practice, enhances my job performance, allowing me to go deeper and beyond skin and bones. HOME SERVICES"What kind of massages do you do?". Even though this is the most commonly asked question, mentioning a list of different kinds of messages gives me the impression that l will be delivering articles of quantity, not quality. Everyone is different, and so is their therapy session as wellWhen it comes to bodywork, you can be sure that a professional service will be given to you and yours. l will use techniques to fulfill my client's expectations and desires, providing a blissful well-being experience. Services are available for individuals, couples, groups, or retreats. PhysiotherapyDeep Tissue MassageSwedish Massage Lymphatic Drainage MassageBody Scrubs & WrapsMini facials.DESTINYAuthor: Physical Therapist Japhet Jones30

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26WHERE TO EATPlaza Bahia Moana CalleBallena Bahia 200m West ofCoastal Highway Tel: 2201 8253NFUSION BISTRO Seafood, Fish, /Meat andbChickenBreakfast, Lunch andbDinnerThursday Fresh TunabSpecial Weekends BBQ -Live MusicSan Martin Norte - 7 km SouthDominicalTel: 2700 5440 Whatsapp:8448 3352KUNJANI COFEEOpen from Tuesday toS a turda y f rom 8 :00 a.m. to4:00 p.m.K ia O ra H ous e 5 0 mnorth of the D ominic a litoschool, D ominic a lito,Osa, Puntarenas.Whats app: +5 0 6 8319 5 991La ColoniaSeafood specialitiesBreakfast, Lunch andDinner6 AM - 9:30 PMHotel El Tecal, PlayaColonia, Uvita Tel:2102 0082 Whatsapp: 8301 4822Ballena BistroFresh Fusion DishesVegan and Gluten FreeOptionsTuesday to Sunday11 AM - 4 PM Friday and Saturday11 AM - 8 PM6km South of Uvita next toBallena Beach Tel: 2786 5407FRENCH CAFÉFrench Savoir FaireBreakfast / Lunch / DinerOpen Everyday 7AM - 9 PMl RESTAURANT & BAR Colonia

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27Citrus Restaurante + TerrazaCreative CuisineMonday to Saturday: 2 PM - 10 PMSunday closedPlaza Tangara Ojochal Tel: 2786 5175Pancito CaféFrench Bakery andRestaurantBreakfast and LunchVegan andVegetarian optionsEveryday 7 AM - 6 PMNew Location at PlazaVentanas Tel: 8729 4115WHERE TO EATOcean View and SunsetInternational with AustrianTouch Breakfast, Lunch,Dinnerand CocktailbarOpen Everyday 7 AM - 9 PMPlease Reserve for DinnerKM 169 Hotel Cristal BallenaTel: 2786 5367 Whatsapp: 8390 6863 VILLA LEONOR atPLAYA BALLENASeafood, Casados PastasFresh Tuna Lunch, reserve for DinnerOpen: 11 AM - ClosedVariableBetween Uvita & Ojochal Km 170Tel: 2786 5380 Whatsapp: 8390 0130Wednesday closedCastillo‘s KitchenInternational CuisineSushi and Wine BarOpen Everyday 12 PM- 9 PMCalle Perezoso, 200mSouth of OjochalTel: 8542 3232Ocean View and Sunset BAR-RE ST AU RANT -French Bakery C< CASTILLO'S KITCHEN

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34Real Estate Transfer Exemption• Properties: properties acquiredduring the term of the law (five years term)may have a reduction of up to 20% of thetotal transfer taxes.Other Categories that may benefit from the new Regulations:• Fixed Income Resident (Rentista):This applies to those who can prove a monthly profit or minimum fixed income of $2500 per month.• Retirees Residency:Applies tothose who enjoy of retiree pensionallocated indefinitely with a minimum of$1000 per month. Family membersto be included.The person who is a spouse, minor child,an adult with a disability, or unmarriedchild under 25 years of age with economicdependency of the persons who have optedfor these categories of investor, fixedincome (Rentista), or Retiree, may alsoopt for a residence as a dependent in thecoun-try. This is an overview of thebenefits you can enjoy. However, eachperson, property, and context mustbe analyzedviability and assess it on a case-by-casebasis.If you wish to know more about Costa Rica,please feel free to contact any of ourImmigration and Corporate experts toschedule a consultation and evacuate allyour doubts.MBC LEGAL is an immigration/corporate firm with more than 25 years of experience working in immigration field.Moving to another country is a decision forthe brave. However, taking that first step is more attractive when the option is Costa Rica. Moving to Costa Rica implies starting a new life in a Central American paradise and brings many benefits. It is about investing in business and properties and the future in a dream. Recently, Costa Rica published the Regulations to the “Law for the Attraction of Investors, Rentistas and Retirees.” As a result of this, when you invest in Costa Rica by acqui-ring a property in this tropical paradi-se, at the same time, you can make it your new home by becoming a Resident, fulfilling all the requirements established by Immigration Law. The main requirement to meet the residency criteria is to make an investment equal to or above $150.000 (one hundred and fifty thousand dollars); in addition to this, documents such as birth certificates, criminal records, marriage certificates, etc. must be provided.But that is not all. Among the multiple benefits provided by this law are the following:Import tax exemptions • Household goods: Brand or new,are exempted 100% from importation taxeson household goods and instruments forprofessional practice.• Vehicles: They can import up to twovehicles for land, air, or sea transportation,for personal or family use, free of all import,customs, and value-added taxes.COSTA RICA: INVESTING IN PARADISEAUTHOR: Byron SeguraCorp0rate & Immigration Services

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36In partnership with Cindy Perez (Bar Restaurant LosLaureles) and Brad Dean (Westview Studio), the kids, teachers, administrative staff, and parents from Escuela la Uvita all came together to act as stewards of the land and environment at Playa Marino Ballena. At the event we came away with very full bags of refuse collected along the beach and pathways, but also ended up with a beautiful opportunity for all of us to learn more about the environment and how important our beaches are to the overall environmental health of the world.Esther Vindas Aguilar (a teacher at Escuela la Uvita) had this to say about the event:“Escuela la Uvita organizes a beach cleanup day in the Marino Ballena National Park as a way to further immerse the students into an understanding of the nature of our beautiful country and to build a sense of community and environmental responsibility.On Sunday, July 2, students, teachers, administrative staff, mothers, fathers, and neighbors participated in a solid waste collection day at the Marino Ballena National Park. Park ranger Henry Fallas gave a valuable talk about the history and fauna present in the protected area.Among the waste that was collected, the following stands out: plastic, rubber, shoes, diapers, sandals, cans, and more... materials that affect the fauna of our park.Let´s go mommy, a turtle is going to be saved if we collect these plastics´ - said Isaac Muñoz Miranda, a maternal and child student. Instilling in children and young people the responsibility we have with the conservation of the environment is of transcendental importance so that they develop awareness of protection towards nature.”With the success of this event, we are now looking at more ways to work together with Escuela la Uvita in an effort to give the children even more opportunities to learn about their home land and to continue building their sense of social and environ mental responsibility. In the future we would look to our community to help raise funds for things like fi eld trip excursions to Isla del Ca˜ o, Corcovado Natio-nal Park, and other treasured locations in the country that can provide unique opportunities to learn and give back. If you or someone you know are interested in contributing to these events in any way, please contact Brad Dean of Westview Studio at are so thrilled at the response from the children and the community and look forward to building on this momentum going forward.PHOTO BY: CONECATCHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY...TODAY!!!CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY...TODAY!!!AUTHOR: Brad DeanAUTHOR: Brad Dean

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33Bank Account Set UpCorporation Set-Up & TaxesTestaments & Last WillsOur ServicesOur ServicesAttorney at Law & Notary English – Français – Español 4350-1050 - 8721-2291sabkszak@gmail.comballenalegalteam@gmail.comSabrina Kszak BianchiGeneral Legal AdviceSales & TransfersContractsResidency Plaza Ventanas – Ojochal At JUTURNA, we are passionate about bringing purified water to every corner of Costa Rica. For over 13 years, we have been recognized as leaders in the water purification and filtration industry throughout Latin America.Our mission is to provide comprehensive solutions for the supply of purified water in various sectors: residential, commercial, industrial, and pharmaceutical. We take pride in offering a wide range of services and products, including filtration systems, water dispensers, water stations, and specialized equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.With an unwavering commitment to quality, we implement cutting-edge technology and the highest purification standards in each of our projects. Our team of highly trained experts is dedicated to designing customized solutions that adapt to the specific needs of each client.We understand that pure water is essential for health and well-being, which is why we strive to provide a reliable and safe water supply. From homes to large companies, we ensure that every drop of water consumed by our clients is of the highest quality, free from impurities and harmful chemicals.PURIFIED WATERIN COSTA 2282 0770RESIDENTIALCOMMERCIALWATER DISPENSERSINDUSTRIALPHARMAAt JUTURNA, we stand out for our exceptional customer service and our commitment to environmental sustainability. We promote responsible water usage and strive to minimize our impact on the environment, both in our purification processes and in the selection of eco-friendly materials.Trust JUTURNA for all your purified water needs. We are here to provide you with the highest quality and most reliable service in water purification and filtration.Juturna· LOVE YOUR WATER

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38Like the whales, we sing a unique songthat heals and uplifts our collective.Artist Kamel, Boruca:"The ancient Boruca navigators of the sea had great and total respect for the black mountains of the sea. The great mountains that visited them from the other side of the world, guided by the spirit and goddess of the sea UN KI."The whale is one animal that we can learn from. Whales have existed for over 50 million years and are considered record-keepers with past knowledge.Whales float peacefully, secure in the ocean environment that supports and sustains them.Through the vibrations of their unique sound, they release this ancient wisdom to us. At the same time, their sound carries across such great distances that whales can enter the realm of the future, where they can acquire knowledge of what is to come.Every whale sings a song, and they never repeat the same pattern when they sing their song. Since whales must always be conscious to breathe, they cannot afford to fall into an unconscious state for too long. Never completely asleep, their brain has constant access to the collective unconscious where all answers lie.You can learn from the wisdom of whales by remembering to express what's uniquely yours. Each of us has a unique "song" or gift to offer the world. Your song is meant to be sung by you and heard by others. No one else can sing this song, but you and your song are medicine for the planet's healing.We add wisdom and vibration to the earth when we express ourselves and share our unique gifts. Like whales, you can choose to access information about the future when you go into a meditative state. Whales teach us to look at where we came from and where we are headed.Knowing that our past helps shape our future, we can remember to make positive choices regarding our lives,the environment and our world. Like whales, we cannot forget to stay a wake and actively engaged in a universe that supports and sustains us.WHALE MEDICINE

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35PLAZA VITA, 300 MTS NORTHEAST OF THE BAHÍA SERVICE CENTER+(506) 8373-6666•General medicine forchildren & adults•Minor surgery•Air & ground ambulance•Emergencies 24/7•Home & hotel visits•We acceptinternational insurance •X-Rays & Laboratory•Advanced Technology•Hematology•Chemistry•Hormones•Bacteriology•Molecular Biology•Genetic and AllergyTesting • Water analysis, andmore+(506) 2215-4848 / 8732-5555uvitamedired@gmail.cominfo@uvitalab.comUVITA URGENV'CARE

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40Tools and building supplies Therefore, let us be honest with ourselves, as honesty saves time. Saying YES when we want to say NO commits us to do things we do not wish or cannot do, generating an atomic deformity in the business relationship.Wanting many projects and not being capable of receiving them, not only in matters of education and knowledge, but in the simple practice of watching, recognizing, and adjus-ting the sails, ambition without a vision is not enough. The ship does not sink because of storms or big waves but because of the small holes inside the hull."Ahorita": in Costa Rica, that word means many things, and at the same time, it means nothing. I believe working with an agenda and a plan is much better; working by inspi-ration and senses is entertaining, but not so much at the end, when you have to unneces-sarily work more than needed, as this is reflected in budget or costs. Hence, does Ahorita = costs? Quoting numbers in the air can be extremely comfortable and appropria-te for making a sale; only the experts of experts do it. But this is like crossing yourself before entering a soccer game; God is not paying attention to winners or losers.Therefore, gentlemen, mathematics, science and statistics are a profession, a commercial activity; let us use little abacuses and calculators (old school) and know that we are not gladiators in an arena; we must not enter to kill; it is what it is.In three months you can lose asmanycustomers as you had generated over the last 1-2 years. Generally, in our activity, architectu-re, and construction, there are several highly creative ways to lose a client, or many, a busi-ness or even credibility.We always walk on a thin tightrope like a juggler; I have always preferred to dance to the rhythm of Swan Lake, with a tutu and all set!You will never know if you lose the business or customer first; I think Both happen simultaneously and in the best Tchaikovsky style, right on the main scene!Clients are lost for obvious issues, such as an amusement park-level execution, a tasteless or bitter project, or never-ending intellectual disa-greements.But they are also lost in not so obvious aspects, such as trust, faith, and interest, and just Like a love story, it ends, and we are left empty, just waiting for the final scene so that the movie ends quickly.Life has taken me to many places in this country and allowed me to meet many people to understand that sales are not just about money and projects. Still, it is an exchange of value and service, and although this has gone out of style construction engineering -I still have the conviction that we can all do it better and systematically.I am here, but I am absent ( I am here, but I am not ), and it is easy to discover it when we do not answer the phone, messages, or e-mails; of course, I am the owner of my time and agenda, but also of a running business (company or organization) and,the refore,I must allow efficient communication with customers.HOW TO LOSE A CUSTOMERAUTHOR: Arch. José Guillén,.,-rr 'ff' /~1 f\/1,.--'7"' ,;,,r

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35ARTESANOarchitect & jose@artesanocr.netUvita office (506) 8840 5711Next to BM supermarket TAMARINDO . DOMINICAL . ESCAZU performanceconstruction &high-end guaranteesince 2009

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42Those little details, which generally are notwritten down, scheduled, or executed, are like the details we have failed to give to our partner on Valentine's Day, their birthday, or a famous anniversary. They gradually degrade the relationship, and everything becomes colder and meaningless. In my case, I keep an agenda, which seems more like a poetry book than something to work with, because, in the end, those emotions manage, guide, and inspire us to keep moving."Negociaciones de polaco”, In Costa Rica, "Pagos de polaco" means to chop the numbers to infinity (break the budget) or to have a payable account active (risk money control). If we fall into this practice, we will spend more time on senseless matters rather than focusing on the project's objective. It would be like going to a dentist and telling him he will be paid for each tooth he pulls out on the spot. If so, he will not use enough anesthesia and will not be very gentle with the pliers. I trust that both professionals or commercial organizations are as equally professional as the customers who contact us, thus, all at the same level. We can firmly shake hands."Pasarse la bola," In Costa Rica, is the name given to remarkably busy organizations. It usually passes a client's case between departments until it disappears, gets lost, or remains limbo. In the end, the information that reaches the person doing the work is corrupted and distorted, and we usually do not notice it until the client looks at us attentively with a subtle smile. Customer service is fundamental in any business we undertake, and to avoid falling into the famous "chatbots" that are only for millenials Creating products or services to feed my portfolio, in the case of architecture, is a big Ahhhh…! Our designs are not to figure in a portfolio and to win a Pritzker Prize, nor are we interested in using them as golden idols with horns against the competition. Our service should be directed to the client and their needs. Environmental issues, why not? Without overdoing an ecofriendly cult, with an ideal economic responsibility, a big YES, without sacrificing beauty and comfort balance, is enough. No more. No less.Friendship and Relationship. Although not all of us are psychologists, we must discern between a sincere friendship and a business relationship. Both scenarios can fall victim to misguided trust. For example, I would not build my friend´s house or design my partner's home to avoid problems, and I am happier. In this case, defining the limits and defining what is most convenient is especially important for the organization's destiny.Finally, I believe that the projects, products, and services that we offer to our clients must go through 3 filters daily: devotion, focus, and planning, because all those minutes gone by will not come back, and time is our best judgment. Our character is more important than our career. That is the great secret I have learned from grandmaster builders and masons and my good competition, whom I admire very much. Thank you!!"-'llTl:SJ..,NC) ~-~-----· .

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39CMYCMMYCYCMYKAnuncio_Final_Revista_Ballenatales.pdf 1 21/6/23 10:41Juturna· LOVE YOUR WATER Water Purification Solutions: Residential • Commercial • Industrial • Pharma ~ +506 2282 0770 16] S Locations: El Coyol de Alajuela • Solarium Business Park, Liberia Plaza Herradura • Plaza Tamarindo SHERATON HOTEL REVIEW

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Allie Demarsh, owner of Price Auto Sales in Uvita,proudly shares: "In less than six months, we have become the favorite pre-owned car dealer amongst expats and long-time visitors. We are the first dealership in the South Pacific to offer a "used car" one-year warranty. Our vehicles come with full coverage insurance, nationwide roadside assistance, and twelve months of free maintenance". The exclusive buy-back program offers a low-cost alternative to the high cost of renting for those who are only here four or five months out of the year. You can buy any car from them and return it within six months. As long as you take care of the vehicle, they guarantee to repurchase it for 80% of what you paid.A big bonus: The Pre-Purchase option allows you toselect your car BEFORE you arrive in Costa Rica. On your arrival in San Jose, you are picked up in a private shuttle and brought directly to our dealership, where your car awaits you ready to drive home. Our in-house legal team will have all your title and transfer documents ready. It is a one-stop experience.Allie, a mother of Four children , is very optimistic about the planned business expansion. She says she has found the perfect spot. Since there is a car shortage in the country, you have to spend time searching for quality 4x4 cars, city-driven ones, have had one owner, or contain a record with the agency. All vehicles pass through our 72-point check and get restored with factory parts. Vehicles driven on Costa Rican roads require this thorough reconditioning process. The goal is to provide mechanically sound and reliable cars.»P¦͔ 'ñĺŨñƛ ¦ğňŪłñƛė"When I first came to Costa Rica," Allie remembers, "I experienced the same horror stories as many expats when purchasing a car." Three problematic cars and shrinking funds later, she finally went to see Price Automotive Group in Parrita. She was delighted with her acquisition, and Doug Price's business model convinced and inspired her to become a franchisee for Uvita. "I want to save people headaches, provide reliability and transmit the feeling of being welcome from the first moment."New: Allie Demarsh and her team created the Access Paradise car and off-road vehicle Rental Service. Women-owned and operated. There are no hidden fees, and full coverage insurance is included..Address: Price Auto Sales - Uvita. Price Auto Sales are located right off the main road, to the right of Ukinca Hostel, and across the street from the blue concrete whale. If you are new to the area or just considering moving here, WhatsApp her at +506-8916-1880 or stop in and say "Hi Allie."PRICE AUTOMOTIVE GROUP NOW IN UVITA!!!44

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37U V I T AOne-stop experience: Hassle-free “used cars” as new.Our cars come with: • 12-month bumper-to-bumper warranty• 12-month full coverage insurance policy• 12-month nationwide roadside assistance• 12-month free oil changes & tire repairs.We deliver anywhere in Costa Rica!COU P O N PLEAS E S TAT E F REE RU S T PR O O F ING PACKAGE WITH THE P U R CHAS E O F ANY VEHICLE . ✃Allison DemarshAllison Demarsh, Price Auto Sales Uvita ownerwww.priceautocr.comprice automotive group+ 506 8916 1880Price Automotive Group NOW in Uvital

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46Magdalena, a native of Pérez Zeledón, CostaRica, is a multifaceted individual passionate about languages, entrepreneurship, politics, and sustainable development. After completing her studies in English Teaching at Universidad Latina and taking business management cour-ses at UNED, which laid the foundation for her future endeavors, Magdalena made a signifi-cant life decision. She moved to Uvita, a beauti-ful coastal town with stunning beaches and lush rainforests.Working in various hotels in the area for her first years, she gained valuable experience and insights into customer service and hospitality. During her time in the hotel industry, Magda-le-na stumbled upon the burgeoning wellness and beauty industry and recognized a gap in the market. At that time, no professionals were available to provide hotel spa services in the area, and this realization sparked her entre-pre-neurial spirit. Driven by her passion for wellness and aesthetics, Magdalena embarked on a journey of more profound knowledge and edu-cation in the field.Magdalena's dedication and thirst for knowled-ge led her to pursue further studies in wellness and aesthetics. Armed with newfound expertise, she decided to transform her vision into reality by establishing her boutique spa called Sunset Body Works in 2013. A lovely studio enveloped in harmony, delightful aromas, and melodic sounds, providing an inviting atmosphere for guests to relax and reju-venate.Over the years, Sunset Body Works has flou-ri-shed under Magdalena's leadership. She assembled a remarkable team of highly trained and skilled therapists who share her com-mit-ment to excellence.Together, they offer a wide range of beauty and wellness treatments, utilizing top-qua-lity products and delivering a 5-star service experience.As the CEO of Sunset Body Works, Mag-dalena has successfully guided the spa to prominence, allowing her to explo-re new horizons. Driven by her passion for conservation and sustainable deve-lop-ment, she embarked on a new acade-mic pursuit, studying Political Science. Her deep connection to the Southern Zone of Costa Rica and her desire to foster socially, environmentally, culturally, and politically sustainable development led her to engage actively with local organizations that share similar interests.Magdalena's ventures extend beyond well-ness and beauty, entrepreneurship, and politics. She has ventured into the field of real estate with a unique approach. As a realtor, she is dedicated to incorporating sustainable practices into her work, promoting a healthy and balanced deve-lopment that respects the sacred nature of her beloved homeland. Magda-lena aims to positively impact her commu-nity by advocating for sustainable and responsi-ble real estate practices.With her diverse background, entre-pre-neurial spirit, and dedication to sustai-na-ble development, Magdalena Cascan-te embodies the essence of a visionary leader. Her journey from the hospitality industry to owning a successful spa and venturing into real estate demonstrates her unwavering commitment to making a difference in her community and leaving a lasting impact on the Southern Zone of Costa Rica.A LOCAL EXAMPLE OF WOMEN´SENTREPRENEURSHIPAUTHOR: Carlos LeonMagdalena Cascante:

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39Sunset Body WorksBahia Ballena, Osa, PuntarenasBeauty and welleness inparadise 8905 4021/ 8568 6072. Open from Monday toSaturday 10:00 to 6:00 pm.Appoinments / CitasUvita, Costa Ballena, Osa, Costa RicaMassages / Facials / Waxing Manicure & Pedicure~i!lttil ls alte11tt **** Hotel Cristal Ballena • Uvita, Costa Rica· - • •-t: D0lfflQUE flOrlil. & SPA ~ I i + 831Mtfi§tffilM,fiH9·111I / ~ //~ ~istttl ls alte11tt -t:-t: DOUrlQUE HOTEL & SPA J I + 83idt!HtMIM,685·111I / j ~ Wiener Schnitzel International food with an Austrian ~

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48There are two things you need to knowabout Germans.First, they love their rules. If you're late or go through a red light - God forbid! - you will at least be bombarded with punishing looks that make it unmistakably clear that you have just committed an unforgivable crime.Second, they're meticulous. If things aren't resolved efficiently, they get nervous. After all, the schedule has to be kept. So, if you're a German coming to Costa Rica, there's something wrong with you, or you're lost.But if there is one thing to know about Costa Rica, there is no more beautiful place to get lost. In my case, I ended up in Uvita, a small village on the South Pacific coast. The three months I spent there working at Ballena Tales were some of the best of my life so far. Ten years ago, there was nothing more than some houses; today, it has become a hots-pot for escapists with many small but good stores, restaurants and hotels.You can mainly enjoy nature, go hiking, surfing and swimming here. I can't count the evenings I spent sitting on the beach (forbidden, but we are also in Costa Rica), drinking Imperial, and watching the sunset with my new friends from the volunteer house. I could also tell you about endless parties and karaoke nights in Uvita and Dominical. But I have experienced so much more.For example, I learned that if you want people to be on time, give them a time 40 minutes before the actual one and provide them with coffee so there is no hassle. If you don't do that, everyone is 20 minutes late across the board, and it's called "Tico- Time."In general, rules are more like guidelines here. Driver's licenses, for example, are overrated. If you want to cross a street, you should just run and pray that the driver will somehow stop. Sidewalks don't exist, and the definition of streets is very elastic.Nevertheless, flip-flops are an inescapable part of everyday outfits. Sometimes a construction worker's mistake causes a tree to fall on the power pole, you have no water or electricity for hours, and his response to the angry crowd is mere, "Well, what am I supposed to do about it now?"There were moments when I was incredulous or found it funny, but in retrospect, I realized how nice it is not to take things as seriously as in Germany. Today I know, for example, that there is a solution for (almost) everything, that it is not bad if you do some things tomorrow and not today, and that not everything has to be perfect. Besides, you experience so much more when you have to put your cell phone aside because there is no electricity again. Stunning sunsets, for example.Thank you Uvita, for everything!PHOTO BY: CONECAT AUTHOR: Marie Kasseroler LOST IN PARADISELOST IN PARADISE

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41Sundays 10:00 amNon-profit project of the Open Arms Foundation, We accept donations of good, used clothingRopa de alta calidad a precios buenos para mujeres, hombres y niños.75 m Norte de la Gasolinera,Contiguo a Rest. Los Barriles, UvitaBuena Voluntad Tienda AmericanaTHRIFT STORE BVBuenaVoluntadRopa Americana® \.. 011 l (506) 27 43-8416, 8619 9 Dome Plaza, Office #7, first floor. Uvi,ta, Osa. ~, W' LAWFIRM ~J\U\'ITA ~ IGLESIA DE LACOSTA ' Join us for Bilingual Services D LEGAL SERVICES ATTORNEYS AND NOTARY PUBLICS

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50If a town along Costa Ballenagenuinely deserves to be called a tranquil spot, it is Ojochal.If you seek quiet and calm, you will find it here. That is one of many reasons why so many foreigners, especially French Canadians, and North Americans, made their new home here in this relaxed town.That does not mean there is nothing to do;there are many places to explore. Yoga and Pilates are offered in several retreats for peace seekers.If you love going to the beach, you should visit Playa Tortuga; as the name says, the beach is named after the turtles that nest here, mostly Lora or English Olive Ridley, although there are reports of green and leatherback turtles. During the turtle season, they often come here tolay their eggs.Near Ojochal is another beautiful beach called Playa Ventanas; its name comes from the big openings in the rocks that the ocean shaped like a big “ventana”,the Spanish word for window.If you want to discover more of this beautiful town, you can explore your surroundings or go on horseback with a guide to explore the mountains to wering over the area. Regardless of your choice,be sure to bring your camera to take photos of all the animals you will detect in the impressive landscapes in the middle of exuberant nature.If you want to combine adventure with hiking while discovering wildlife, you might end up in a natural pool with pure mountain water. You could go on a hiking tour to El Pavon, an out standingly beautiful waterfall, an example of what nature has created in this masterpiece, Costa Ballena. You can swim in the natural pool with fresh and clean mountain water. You will feel over whelmed by the beauty of the Costa Rican jungle.After a day of adventures, you can choose between tasty local and inter-national restaurants.Ojochal is where many foreigners settled, creating an attractive “gourmet destination” in Costa Ballena. Without a doubt, you will find food of excellent quality, delicious, and in a pleasant environment, or if you wish, a chic atmosphere..OJOCHAL

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47The mangrove forest and its massivemaze and the intertwining of treesand roots is considered to be a critical component acting to sub duetidal surge, reduce erosion, provide opportunities for recreation and serve as nurseries for fisheries.These incredible plants with their gnarly roots have evolved to survive in spite of low oxygen content in salty water.The unique ecosystem found in the intricate mesh of mangrove roots creates a healthy respite for organisms like algae, barnacles, shellfish, sponges, and mangrove crabs all of which begin their life in the mangrove forest. The mangroves provide nourishment and protection to these fisheries and also a place to grow to a size that will enable them to compete with other sea creatures.Not only is the mangrove forest conducive to the continuation and development of sea life, the Terraba –Sierpe Mangrove Forest attracts andis home to a multitude of birds,mammals and reptiles.Birdwatchers, photographers, fisherman and those who catch and sell shellfish to restaurants embrace the opportunity to live, learn and love the mangrove forest.THE TOUR Because of factors such as development, nonsustainable farming and lack of concern, the destruction of the mangrove forests worldwide is becoming an ecological problem with an economic impact. However, in Sierpe, many business and ecotour companies offer opportunities to explore the now protected Terraba-Sierpe Mangrove Forest. Exprets tour guides and captains, daily, take visitors from all over the world into this mangrove forest. Sierpe is a simple tranquil Costa Rican village. A benefit in participating in a mangrove forest tour is leaving the charming Sierpe riverfront on an ecotour boat and then enjoying a most beautiful ride down the Sierpe River.Costa Rica is indeed a land of enchantment.THE TERRABA-SIERPE MANGROVES,THE NURSERIES OF THE SEAAUTHOR: Jeane Brennan

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52The Family Support Center of Ojochal is a not-for-profit corporation in Costa Rica. FSCO provides food and other services to families at risk for hunger, economic marginalization, and poor education. We are currently providing food to 36 families (that’s 129 people) The FSCO’s main priority has always been to provide food to those in need, but in the last few years, we have also expanded our services. By adding these additional services, our goal is to work to break the cycle of poverty that brings people to need our service in the first place.•• Support education and literacy by tutoringstudents with difficulties so they will stay in schooland identifying and helping talented studentsexcel and reach their fullest potential.• Offer seed funding to help our familierslaunch small businesses to be financiallyindependent.Seek solutions for community problems like access to local transportation to critical health appointments and other essential appointments, as many families in Ojochal lack transportation.Our fundraising is done through community outreach, participating in local events, as well as through our two Ojochal thrift stores: La Manita and La Boutique. At our La Manita store, all items are 500 colones, and in La Boutique, items are individually priced starting at 1.000 colones. La Manita and La Boutique are open from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Tuesday and 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm Thursday.BREAKING THE CYCLE OF POVERTYAUTHOR: FSCOFSCO/La Manita is now accepting donations of: Clothing and shoes (adults, children, and babies) Baby Care Items (car seats, strollers, cribs, etc.) Household items (lamps, fans, coasters, clocks, etc.) and furniture. Beds, bedding, linens, and towels Kitchenware and small appliances Tools and building supplies All donations must be clean, in working order, and delivered to La Manita during business hours. Large items such as furniture, appliances, televisions, and building supplies can be collected – via email or Facebook Message FSCO, and pickup can be arranged.The Family Support Center of Ojochal has just entered our 9th year of providing service to the community and hopes that with your help, we can continue to help many more families. We are always seeking new sources of funding to support our programs, expand services, and look for additional ways that we can help the community. If you have any ideas, please reach out to us. And as always, thank you all for your helpAs always, cash donations are needed to fund our support to families. Check out details on how you can help.• Organize childcare and development througheducational camps, extracurricular classes and adultdevelopment opportunities for advancing employmentand other life skills.• Facilitate community fundraising for importantcauses like the local school.

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45Asociacion Centro De ApoyoPara Las Familias De OjochalFamily Support Center Of OjochalALL FUNDS RAISED GO TO HELP LOCAL FAMILIES IN NEEDOPENING HOURS:TUESDAYS 9AM - 12PMTHURSDAYS 12PM - 3PMLACATION: On calle Soluna, 150m North of Calle Principal, in Ojochalwww.fscojochal.orgFSCO THRIFT STORES LA MANITA & LA BOUTIQUEContact:Professionals in relaxing, therapeutic, and sports massages. We bring relaxation to your home or office.ACCESS PARADISEUvita WhatsApp: +506-8916-1880Renting a car with us is easy, and there are no hidden charges. Full coverage insurance included. Managed and administered by women.Our services:Home Nursing Care, Intravenous Medication Application,Wound Healing and Sutures, Elderly Care, Post-Surgical CareWe specialize in providing personalized health services. We are characterized by the professiona-lism and attitude of our collaborators with the sole purpose of achieving completely satisfied clients.63120615tel: +506 8603 4299@logisticrxuvitaLogistic Rx UvitaOur company consists of receiving yourpackage and make it reach your hands, fromyour favorite digital websiteWe are a company dedicated tostraightening and painting cars at home+506 7263-1723Contact:Alibtikoup ebay \t., ••••••••••••••• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

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54We were lucky enough to see a shark and a ray swimming next to the colorful fishes this time.The time flew by, and after around another hour, we had to go back onto the boat. Now it was time for lunch on the island. We ate our lunch on the beach before we went on a little, short trail that ended at a beautiful viewpoint. I would suggest every-body do the little hike up there. The view was incredible. The green island with the beautiful blue sea you will feel like you are on a different planet.Back down on the beach, we just relaxed before returning to the boat. With all these new memories and returning to Uvita Beach, everybody was tired. So when we arrived, we just relaxed the rest of the day on the beach and jumped into the sea when we needed refreshment. To finish the day, we watched the sunset and thought about all the new memories we had gained on that beautiful day.Even when we were exhausted after this adventure, it was a day not to be forgotten.AUTHOR:Tina HowitzI had the opportunity to take a CañoIsland tour.Since I was a little kid, I have loved swim-ming in the ocean and looking out for all the sea creatures. When I heard about the biological reserve Caño Island, I knew I had to go there.The tour started around 7 AM. My friends and I went into the agency to meet the rest of the group and get lifejackets and the snorkeling equipment. Around 30 minutes later, everybody was ready, and we all went to Uvita beach,where our captain waited on our boat for the day.The way to Caño Island was beautiful; we even saw some dolphins. We stopped shortly to take some photos and enjoy these animals.After around an hour, we arrived at Caño Island. We put on the snorkeling equip-ment and jumped into the crystalclear water. When I looked down, it felt like a dream. The corals on the ground, and many different types of fish swimming around them. Seeing all these colorful fishes living around the beautiful corals was magical. We spent around an hour snorkeling, and we even got to see turtles.Then we returned to the boat, where the crew gave us water, fresh pineapple, and watermelon. We continued the trip to a different spot around the island and jumped back into the water. AN UNFORGETTABLE TOUR TO CAÑO ISLAND

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47Enjoy OSATours – Fun – ExperienceScuba DivingWhale WatchingCanopy Zip LiningNauyaca Waterfall Nature ParkMangrove WildlifeCorcovado National ParkNight Hike Caño IslandSport Fishing Horseback Rising White Water Rafting Marine Life & Snorkeling½ day and full-day Tours Tailor-made Tours/ TEL:89467138

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56Costa Rica and most of Central America startedas a volcanic archipelago that eventually became the thin strip of land connecting North America and South America around 3 million years ago. Costa Rica’s Mountain ranges form a spine down the country’s length, with more than 200 active, dormant, and extinct volcanoes dotted among its multitude of steep, rounded peaks. The mountainous landscape now forms a high wall between two sea level coasts, presenting vast elevation fluctuations at a small distance.Both macro and microclimate systems govern local weather. Costa Rica is located between 8° and 10° latitude which puts it in the equatorial zone, which only has two seasons and a fairly even split of 12 hours of daylight and night. The differences in elevation of the mountain highlands, seaside flatlands, and the landscapes in between create difficult to describe variations in weather called microclimates.Microclimates in Costa RicaMicroclimates are areas affected by weather trends (light, temperature, wind, rainfalls, etc.) that are more local than national. These factors determine what flowers, fruits, and vegetables can grow in a given area.The microclimates in Costa Rica’s South Pacific are mostly a result of elevation. Even a few hundred feet in height can mean a difference of many degrees Fahrenheit ( and totally different weather. It creates a range of microclimates from the wet tropical forest (receiving between 120 and 160 inches of rain per year) to a cooler cloud forest (80 to 120 inches per year).AUTHOR: Alexandra LutyCosta Ballena is known as the region where the mountains meet the ocean. The differences in microclimates in this region can be dramatic as you drive up near vertical roads from the coastal highway. By ascending quickly in elevation, properties in Costa Ballena are afforded dramatic ocean views and cooler mountain air. This region of Costa Rica includes areas that begin at the coastal lowlands and beaches, where you will experience the hot, humid oceanic air and balmy ocean breezes at night. If you move to mid-elevation towns and barrios, the days will be in the invigorating middle to high 70s F (21 °C) with cooler evenings. And mountain top properties have impressive views, cooler temperatures, and more mist than rain.The dynamic landscape of the Southern Zone of Costa Rica allows access to a wide variety of locally grown produce. The equatorial zone enables the growing certain plants like coffee, pine trees, and leafy greens at a higher altitude, while all of the tropical fruit we want thrives along the coast. While traveling across Costa Rica, you will find towns and microclimates to suit almost any taste. Costa Ballena is where you can live close to most of them. With high mountains, dense jungle, sandy beaches, lush mangroves, and the fruits of the mountainside elevations rising from the shore make this region a bountiful place to enjoy the diversity of Costa Rica’s nature.

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~A,.....___f _ Osa Tro2ical ProRerties ~ta ~ua Reat ~tote UNLEASH EXPERTISE WITH OSA TROPICAL PROPERTIES We specialize in innovative marketing techniques, professional photography, and videography, as well as personalized staging services. Stand out in the competitive real estate market and maximize the potential of your property. Ou r captivating visual storytelling creates emotional connections with buyers, while our expert staging enhances its appeal. Contact us today to elevate your real estate experience and discover the difference the Osa Tropical Properties unique approach can make. {I~ lJ~---f)~ /J~~ ~-~~I O e /osatropicalproperties WWW.OSATROPICALPROPERTIES.COM (t,+506 2786 5500 I SALES@OSATROPICALPROPERTIES.COM